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Grease Plant

The project/plant offered by us is the outcome of many years of technical and scientific experience.

Modern manufacturing equipment, scientifically developed formulations, the processes, careful supervision at every stage, vast manufacturing, fabrication and design experience are put together to create the project.

Accurate process controls, high manufacturing standards, quality controls, repeatable and reproducible conversion efficiency incorporated in the plant ensure very high manufacturing standards resulting in production of complete range of greases of proven qualities.

Outstanding characteristics of greases manufactured in our projected plant are :

Purity -Complete absence of corrosive or abrasiveIngredients that would be harmful to Bearings. Only highest quality fats are recommended to obviate rancidity.

Uniformity -Raw materials and finish products qualityControl, Uniformity in process Parameters, consistency in all physical and chemical properties.  Lube oils and Recommended are carefully selected to give excellent lubrication characteristics. The process parameters have been finalized and adopted after large number of Production batches.

Stability -Retention of homogeneity throughout their use and in storage.

Extra Qualities -Extra desirable qualities have been imparted toThe greases - either by way of special manufacturing processes or by Addition of necessary additives.

Grease Plant Frigmaires Grease Plant

Grease Plant Frigmaires Grease Plant
Grease Plant Frigmaires Grease Plant

Grease Plant Frigmaires Grease Plant
Grease Plant Frigmaires Grease Plant

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Advantages Of Frigmaires Grease Plants:

Plant List :
Presuurised Soap Kettle Grease Filling Lines
Athmospheric Open  Kettle Grease Barrel  Press
Milling Machines Testing Equipments
Homgenisers Automation And Scada
Deareators Piping And Instrumentation
Self Cleaning Filters Laboratory Grease Plants
Thermic Fluid Heatres Skids And Platform Mounted Plants
Coolers/Heat Exchangers

What is Grease?
Grease is a fine dispersion of an oil-insoluble thickening agent - usually soap in a fluid lubricant which is generally mineral lubricating oil. The soap is made up of fatty acid, tallow or vegetable oil saponified with alkali which can be hydrated lime, caustic soda, lithium hydroxide or aluminum hydroxide. The lubricating oil component is refined base oil-naphthenic, of medium viscosity index, or cylinder oil stock.

Structurally grease is a “water-in-oil” emulsion. Its appearance is smooth, mostly translucent, soft or hard

Properties essential for performance of grease are structural stability, lubricating quality, low and high temperature performance (which are provided by the selected lube oil base stock), where as properties such as water resistance, high temperature quality, resistance to break down through continuous use and ability of grease to stay in place are provided by the soap.

Additives eg. Graphite, modified clay, asphalt, oxidation and corrosion inhibitors, extreme pressure additives melybdenum disulphide etc. are used to impart specific properties as required by end application.

Unit Processes And Unit Equipment In Grease Manufacturing

Type Of Grease

Calcium Base:
Used for simple bearings, general purpose machinery and chassis lubrication for normal temperature applications. At about 80 deg. C. water binding the oil and soap is lost so they separate and lubrication property is lost. Calcium based greases are water resistant and are low in cost.

Soda Base:
Used quite generally for ball and roller bearings. Exceptionally good for sealed for life bearings. Exceptionally good for sealed for life bearings. Suitable for high temperature conditions up to 175 deg. C. Soda base greases are soluble in water. They have natural anti-corrosion and good rust protection properties. They do not separate at high rotational speed. Their cost is moderate.

Aluminum Base:
Their characteristics are similar to calcium base greases - water resistance and normal temperature applications. They have exceptional stringiness and adhesive properties. Generally they are semi fluid products, clear and transparent. They are used when adhesiveness is important.

Lithium Base:
Having combination of exceptionally good “lubricity”, high temperature stability, with good water resistance. These greases are selected for multipurpose industrial and automotive application. They are stable up to 175 deg.C. Where many types of machines or equipment are in operation over widely varying conditions, an inventory of several greases and grades must be maintained if only single purpose greases are used. Here lithium base multipurpose greases are attractive - offering in a single product- combination of many advantages of single use greases. Cost of lithium base is moderately high.

Barium Base:
Not much in use due to high cost and time and other manufacturing factors to produce to produce soap. They have outstanding shear stability and have multipurpose applications similar to lithium base greases.

Extreme Pressure (EP):
EP agents are added to conventional greases for use where unit pressures are high or where shock loads may be encountered. EP agents are lead, chlorine, sulphur or phosphorus compounds. Molybdenum, disulphide (Moly) is widely for automotive lubricating greases.

Complex Soap:
Conventional soap such as Calcium soap plus salt of low molecular weight acid such as calcium acetate provides thickener system of unique properties/characteristics eg. superior anti-wear, extreme pressure, good oxidation stability, resistance to melting at high tempera getable oil saponified with alkali which can be hydrated lime, caustic soda, lithium hydroxide or aluminum hydroxidture.

Other Grease Tpyes :
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