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Auto Grease Filling Machine


Auto Grease Filling Machine

Our auto grease filling machine has tin lifting arrangement which is provided for efficient grease lifting purposes. This auto grease filling machine is electro pneumatically operated and made by using excellent grade stainless steel and mild steel. It is known for its low electricity consumption as it requires only 415 V of alternating current. Our auto grease filling machine is widely demanded in packaging lines of different industries for providing smooth packaging operation and high accuracy. Furthermore, it is also equipped with volumetric filler and transfer conveyor.

IN-Feed Conveyor:
Volumetric Filler:
Transfer conveyor (for lid dispenser & presser):
Technical Specification (Filler Unit):
Auto Grease Filling Machine
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Auto Screw Capping Machine

Our auto screw capping machine is basically a fully automatic liner screw capping machine which is integrated with cap vibrator for cap orientation, vibrator hopper, chute and filling station. This auto screw capping machine is widely used in different manufacturing lines for packaging and capping of bottles. The caps are tightened through magnetic clutch system at very high speed and then the capped bottles made their way out through discharge conveyor. The speed of this machine can be adjusted through the VDF which is provided on the conveyor. The torque of the chuck can be adjusted manually for tightening of caps. This auto screw capping machine has mild steel powder coated body and 12feet long and 150mm wide conveyor.

Power Requirement:
Auto Screw Capping  Machine
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Auto Induction Cap Sealer

This auto induction cap sealer is designed as a single unit over a conveyor for hassle free mounting and sealing applications. It is also known as automatic online induction cap sealer and is providing with mobile trolley for easy movement. It has digital sealing power indicator and front panel membrane control which is extremely user friendly. For maximum efficiency, it is integrated with various intelligent control circuits which are IGBT based and also has monitor circuit which is used to avoid malfunctioning of regarding various working parameters like line drop voltage, water and temperature. Further, to suit different applications, it is made available with various types of sealing head designs such as tunnel head, flat head and deep tunnel head.

Optional Conveyor:
It has MS powder coated frame conveyor, which is 150mm wide and 12 feet long. Its frame is used as an extension of filling and capping machine as it uses same motor drive as of filling and capping machine conveyor.
Auto Induction Cap Sealer

Auto Lube Oil Filling Line

This auto lube oil filling line is designed by using advance technology by our experience professionals. It is made by using superior quality mild steel and has powder coated and chrome plated cabinet. This auto lube oil filling line requires very less electrical power of just 415 volts, product pipeline and pressure compressed air of 6 kg. It is fully automatic and available in 4, 8 and 12 number of filling heads. It has a filling range from 500ml to 5 liters and designed in non GMP model. This auto lube oil filling line has its own pumping system and is known for its hassle free performance and less maintenance requirement.

  • Model: non GMP model
  • Filling range: 500ml to 5 liters
  • No of filling heads: 4, 8 & 12
  • Filling Mode: automatic
  • Application: lubricants

It is known for its high flexibility as it can fill from 250ml to 5 litres without any changed parts. The range can be set manually with nominal adjustments according to different pack sizes. The machine has 8 nozzles. Furthermore, change-over time is minimal applicable in it.

Machine Operation:
To connect with the main/buffer tank, the machine has its own pumping system. The German flow meter which consists of geared system is used to measure the volume to be filled.

This whole system can be explained by using model diagram of normal gear system. The bottom of this system is for suction and top is for discharge.
The positive shut-off nozzle and discharge are connected to each other. For the volume to be dispensed, this nozzle opens the spur gear flow meter which automatically starts rotating, due to which the flow of oil which is pumped through the pumping system with non contact sensor starts generating electronic pulses which provide programmable logic controller with a feedback.

Through HMI, that is provided on control panel, Fast flow "cut-off" and Final flow "cut-off" can be adjusted with the interval between each nozzle and with increments of 1ml up to 5litres.

Filling Speed:
The estimated filling speed of the machine is as follows:
  • 250ml @ 32 fills per minute
  • 500ml @ 28 fills per minute
  • 1Litre @ 24 fills per minute
  • 2Litres @ 16 fills per minute
  • 5Litres @ 12 fills per minute

Drip Free:
Without "O" rings, seals and gaskets, "drip free" is delivered through precisely designed seamless nozzles.
To ensure quick recycling of sequences, diving nozzle arrangement is providing with common drip tray provision.
As high speed electronic processing circuits and positive displacement devices are used, it sustains high accuracy of filling. For achieving specified filling range, it has repeat accuracy of +/- 0.25%.
Safety Device:
To avoid spillage in the absence of container, it is equipped with non-contact electronic sensor which ensures "no bottle no fill" status.
Electronic Controls:
It is integrated with various electronic controllers such as to display user-friendly messages touch screen HMI is provided, for various function of the machines Mitsubishi/Omron PLC controls are provided and to facilitate minimum changeover time volume setting on touch screen is also provided. Furthermore, all the information is stored in non-volatile memory, which makes it universal, totally flexible and "filler friendly".
The filling and flushing system requires at least 6 kg/cm2 of compressed air and this compressed air is provided not up to the point more than 2 meters from the location of the filling nozzle.
The regular change over is possible regarding different products as the German measuring devices can hold few ml of product which could completely be flushed through air/product.
Change Over:
It is the minimum changeover time which is needed for changing one pack size to another.
Standard Accessories:
As all the automatic machines should be provided with separate pump unit to coordinate with buffer/storage/mother tank, it is provided with 16 feet long and 150mm single track motorized conveyor as a standard equipment.

Utilities Required:
  • 415 Volts, 50 Hz, A.C. 3 phase power supply with neutral
  • 6 Kg Pressure compressed air/ 3 CFM
  • 2” product pipeline

Material Of Construction:
Supreme quality mild steel is used for constructing powder coated cabinet and contact part which is chrome plated.
Auto Lube Oil Filling Line

Automatic Lube Oil Filling Machines

Frigmaires offers Automatic lube oil filling machine with option of 2 / 4 / 6 / 8 / or 12 heads complete with capping / selaing & labeling to fill 0.5 Ltrs to 5 Ltrs in Plastic Cans.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: LOF
  • Port of Dispatch: Mumbai
  • Production Capacity: 25
  • Delivery Time: 8 weeks
  • Packaging Details: Wooden

Product Details:
  • Machine Type : Semi-Automatic, Automatic
  • Brand : Frigmaires
  • Material for Construction : Stainless steel
  • Power Source : Electric
  • Filling Capacity : 0.5 Ltrs to 5 Ltrs in Plastic Cans

Automatic Lube Oil Filling Machines

Semi Auto Grease Filling Machine

This semi auto grease filling machine is widely demanded in different industries for filling of grease and gels into bottles, tins, pails or plastic cans. This semi auto grease filling machine is fabricated using supreme quality mild steel sheets and angles. It has all the contact parts like hopper are made by using stainless steel and high quality PTFE is used for wiper strips. The material flow through it is moved by rotating auger and the flow is controlled by using digital programmable timer. Furthermore, this semi auto grease filling machine is checked under various parameters to ensure its efficient and optimum working.

  • Material: industrial grease/gels etc
  • Range: 0.5 to 5 kgs, in tins / pails / plastic cans
  • Hopper Capacity: 35 ltr. approx. made out of 16 swg., S.S. 304 sheet
  • Material flow: by rotating auger
  • Flow control: digital programmable timer
  • Fill setting: by thumb wheel switch
  • Fill accuracy: - /+ 1 to 1.5 % or better At S.O.C. & S.O.P.
  • Filling rate: 500 gms. / sec. or better
  • Auger control: By E / M clutch break unit
  • Drive transfer: using ‘V’ belt
  • Auger drive motor: 1 H.P., 3 Phase, 415 V A.C.
  • Mixer / wiper drive: using additional gear motor capacity 0.5 HP with suitable starter
  • Power supply: 415 V A.C., 3 phase 4 wire
  • Compress air supply: @ 6 kg / cm², cons 015 LPM. [not included]
  • General construction: the machine fabricated out of M.S. angle, sheet etc, hopper and all other contact parts are made out of S.S. 304 and wiper strips of PTFE

Semi Auto Grease Filling Machine

Semi Auto Induction Cap Sealer

Our semi auto induction cap sealer is extensively used in pharmaceutical research and development laboratories, hand held cap production application and for stability test packaging. This semi auto induction cap sealer is designed with utmost precision to meet the needs of the customers. This semi auto induction cap sealer is basically an air cooled model which is portable, bench mounted and works with single-phase supply of electricity. It is designed to provide efficient, speedy and continuous operation for 24 hours.

  • Size of jars: Ø90mm, H-100 mm
  • Electrical & motor details: 415 volts AC & 50 HZ, 3 phase, 4 wire
  • Model: FE junior
  • Power output: 500 W
  • Mains: 230 V, single phase, 50 Hz, standby power 50 W
  • Max. line current: 3 Amps
  • Max. line speed : 15-17 bottles / min. (depending upon operator efficiency)
  • M.O.C control box: stainless steel grade 304
  • Slide: aluminum extruded profile
  • Bottom platen: powder coated

Semi Auto Induction Cap Sealer

Semi Auto Ropp Cap Sealing Machine

This semi auto ROPP cap sealing machine is extensively used in different industrial applications for cap sealing purposes. This semi auto ROPP cap sealing machine can seal about 20 to 25 bottles per minute with high accuracy. It is highly appreciated amongst customers for its trouble free performance and less maintenance requirement. This semi auto ROPP cap sealing machine has strong body and requires very low electricity for running.

  • Output: 20 to 25 bottles / min. (depends upon bottle size)
  • Power Characteristics: 415 Volts, 3 Phase (4 Wire System), 50 Hhz
  • Machine direction: left to right

Input specifications:
  • Container die: 22 to 65 mm
  • Container height: 38 to 120 mm
  • Cap die: 22 mm, 25 mm, 28 mm and 38 mm or as per your requirements. (with the help of change parts)

Semi Auto Ropp Cap Sealing Machine

Sticker Labelling Machine Sbsl

Our sticker labeling machine SBSL is widely used for two sides labeling applications. This sticker labeling machine SBSL is used on flat surfaces of different containers. This user friendly range of machines is capable of work at very high speed as it can label up to 60 containers per minute. But it speed varies with product and label size.
This sticker labeling machine SBSL is a fully automatic machine which is equipped with belt spacing device which means it requires no change of parts. Furthermore, it incorporates with latest technology, fiber optic container and label sensing system and micro processor controlled stepper motor drive.

The belt spacing device is used for curate spacing and flat container positioning between two containers. The belt drive mechanism is used to hold the container from the top and help in two sides labeling process. Then electronic product sensor is integrated to sense the container and put the label from self adhesive label roll.
Suppose, if the machine is equipped with batch printing device them that device prints batch number and other matters on labels remains stationary, which means the time between sensing of two labels remain stationary. Afterwards the labeled container moves forward through stationary rubber pad and rubber pressing belt to make sure it is perfectly and neatly labeled.
Technical Specifications:
  • Model No: SBSL-120D
  • Direction of movement: left to right
  • Output / min: up to 60 label/min (depending on the size of the bottle or the label length)

Electrical Motor:
  • 0.25 HP / 1400 RPM for conveyor drive
  • 0.25 HP / 1400 RPM for pressing device drive
  • 6 VDC X 2 no’s stepper motor
  • Power characteristics: 230 volts AC 50 Hz

Sticker Labelling Machine Sbsl

Bottle Labelling Machine

Technical Specifications:
  • Material : Stainless Steel
  • Automation Grade : Automatic
  • Voltage : 220-240V
  • Frequency : 50 Hz
  • Weight : 300-350 kg
  • Power Source : Electric

Bottle Labelling Machine