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Mixer for Light Powder

Mixer for Light Powder

Jar Mills consists of 2 Nos rubberized rolls on each rack mounted on a sturdy MS frame structure. Each Rack can accommodate either 3 nos of 1l Cap Jar or 2 nos of 8l Cap Jar or 1 no of 25l Cap Jar. The shafts of the rollers are fitted in pillow block bearings which are bolted to the frame. The gap between the rollers can be adjusted to accommodate different sizes of jars. Stoppers are provided to prevent the jars from falling. The rollers are driven by a 3ph, TEFC, 415V electric motor complete with a set of pulleys, `V' belts, belt guards and slide rails.

GRINDING MEDIA : (Minimum Qty. 50 Kgs.)
Porcelain Balls. S.S 304 Balls.

Used for smooth and gentle blending of dense powders and abrasive material. This machine can handle large volumes and is easily cleaned. Separately driven internal lump breakers can be provided for breaking of lumps and agglomerates. The unit consist of two cylindrical cones welded together and fitted with shafts mounted on bearings. The blender is rotated at slow RPM because of which the entire mass is tumbled along the angle of the cone resulting in criss-crossing of the material to produce a uniform mix. Baffles are provided inside the cone for thorough mixing.

Suitable for homogeneous mixing of dry powders of different bulk densities used in the Food, Mineral, Pharmaceutical, Paint & Chemical Industries. It is a simple versatile mixer which can also mix semi wet material. Ribbons of various designs are available to handle different materials. The mixer consists of a cylindrical shell inside which rotates a double helix shaft fitted with spiral inner and outer ribbons. During rotation of the shaft, the ribbons lift, convey and intermix the material to get a homogeneous mass in short intervals.
Discharge is from the bottom by a quick opening valve.

Mixer for Light Powder
Mixer for Light Powder
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Mixer for Light Powder
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