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Lube Oil PlantLube Oil
The lube oil is refined distillate of petroleum and is used for smoothly operating machines and equipment.
Automobiles Machines Aviation Equipment

Grease PlantGrease
Grease is a semi solid lubricant with high viscosity and is used for the machines which are not lubricated very frequently.
Automobiles Machines Aviation Equipment
Bearings Engines

Transformer Oil PlantTransformer Oil
The transformer oil possess excellent insulation properties and is stable at high temperatures. It is used for insulation and also serves coolant.

Power Plants Mining

Brake Fluid CoolantCoolants
Coolant is a liquid that flows around the device and prevents over heating of it.

Automobiles Machines

Bitumen Emulsion PlantBitumen Emulsion
The Bitumen Emulsion is used for the purpose of water proofing in various areas. It is also used in road construction purposes.

Construction Industry Road Constructions
Resin Plant Paint Plant Machines Paint Manufacturing Plant Grease Plant Lube Oil Plant Bitumen Emulsion Plant
Dry Mix Mortar Manufacturing Plant Soap Manufacturing Plant Mixers Road Marking Paints Wall Putty Transformer Oil PlantBrake Fluid / Coolant
Lube & Grease Filling Machine Packing or Bagging Machines for Dry Powders Wall Plastering Machines

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